We were hoping to have the range up and going by the first of 2015 but we have hit a few snags.  When we get it going we will let everyone know.  Thanks!

Red Rock Firearms is planning on expanding to a gun range now.  We have 60 acres we will be putting 4 pistol ranges, a long range rifle range, archery, cowboy action and shotgun.  This is a  work in progress and will be done March 1, 2015.  To the left is a button with a tentative application to fill out.  Feel free to fill it out and email it into us or mail it.  There is no obligation is you fill it out.  We will call at the end of 2014 to everyone who sent one in.  If you are interested we will get you to come in and finish filling out the application and if you aren't we will throw your application away and you will never hear from us again.  The application info will not go out to third parties or be used for telemarketing.